**Limited Release**


Long monologues is one of the first of several planned innovations that will help you discover key moments in calls so that you can understand what qualitatively improves or detracts from your conversations with customers.

Long monologues is in limited release.  If you do not see longest monologues, please contact your client success manager or support@voiceops.com.  

What are long monologues

When you focus on a rep, VoiceOps now shows you their longest monologues, or long speeches,  so that you  can evaluate whether the rep is inappropriately monopolizing the conversation. You can then investigate and coach to these long monologues if needed.  

Who can see long monologues

Longest monologues are visible to coaches on the Calls page.  Long monologues are not visible to reps.

Viewing long monologues

 To view the longest monologues for a rep:

  1.  Go to Calls.

  2. Change team to select a particular team and  see a list of reps on the team.

  3. Click on a rep.  The Calls page will show calls for the selected rep and their longest monologues. VoiceOps will display  up to twenty call statements  for the rep, sorted by longest to shortest, as measured by the number of words.  

  4. Click on the statement to view  the monologue in the context of the entire call transcript.

How long is a long monologue?

The actual duration of a monologue depends on how quickly the speaker talks; a good rule of thumb is a minute of speech is about 130 words.

What constitutes a long monologue depends on the kinds of conversations your reps are having with customers.  If you are not seeing relevant results, contact Support to change the threshold for your company.  


Q. Can reps see monologues?
A.  Monologues are visible to coaches only.   

Q. How many monologues should I see for a rep?
A. VoiceOps shows up to twenty monologues for a rep.  Expand the date range to view more monologues, shorten it to see fewer.  Contact Support to change the threshold for what qualifies as a long monologue for your company.

Q.  Can I see the longest monologues for my team or entire company?
A.  Long monologues are displayed for a single rep at a time; they are not available at the team or company level.

Q. Are long monologues bad? 
A. Not necessarily! VoiceOps surfaces long monologues so that coaches can evaluate them.  Depending on the conversation and its complexity, longer monologues might be expected.  Ultimately, coaches can determine if the rep is monopolizing the conversation and should pause to check for understanding or questions.